Loadshedding/ Rolling blackout in US India Nepal 10 Facts

Loadshedding/Rolling blackout has been a burning issue for counties like India, Nepal, Pakistan and even for USA. The growing energy demand is the main cause of loadshedding. Rolling blackouts in USA, Texas Rolling blackout is a burning issue. Developing countries like Nepal do have lots of water resources for energy generation but due to lack of capital, Nepal could not utilize its property easily.

Reducing Loadshedding in India Nepal 10 Facts

Reducing loadshedding hours / Rolling blackout hours is the main requirement for today. This is only possible if the generation of electrical power increases. Here are 10 facts for reducing loadshedding hours.

#1 Mutual Co-operation on Hydropower Development

Countries like Nepal can not utilize its water resources. Nepal has capacity of generation of 66000 KW of electrical power from its freely flowing water. Neighboring Countries like India should support them. This will greatly help in reducing loadshedding hours / Rolling blackout hours in India and Nepal.

Rolling blackout

#2 Highest Rolling blackout / Loadshedding hour in the world

Nepal has a Rolling blackout/ loadshedding hour of around 19 to 20 hours per day during winter season. India has around 3 hours of loadshedding in a day during winter season. Pakistan has 14 hours of loadshedding in a day.

#3 Using low consuming energy equipment’s

Equipment consuming high electrical power must be reduced. The illiteracy rate of India, Nepal, Pakistan is much more higher than other countries. Public awareness is the most required factor for the reducing Rolling blackout/ loadshedding hours. CFL lamps are much more preferred than incandescent bulbs.

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